Bless Your Letter Art

Letter and Name Art

Have Fun as you choose from our many clever letters hidden in each frame. Create names or special words of encouragement. Choose that special word that has special meaning in your life. They Make Truly Unique gifts.

and choose your letters!

Terry & Bridget @ Barefoot Landing Kiosk.

Terry & Bridget @ Barefoot Landing Kiosk.

Come See Us ONLY at Barefoot Landing

in North Myrtle Beach.

(behind the Christmas Mouse)

Makes a very personal GIFT to BLESS someone today!
We have a GREAT selection of Holy Land and Beach letters! Order yours today online and we can ship it to your door.

How Many Ways Can You Say
“I Love You?”

 Try our letter art for your SPECIAL OCCASION gift. You can choose from our collection of Photo Art to create something truly unique and one of a kind. We have beautiful Word Art from many interesting cities. You can move your mouse over the pictures to see WHERE they are from as you choose your favorites to make your alphabet photo pictures. It is the best gift idea ever for Birthdays, anniversaries or just redecorating.
Some people call it many different things like: alphabet letter art photography, custom name photography, name art photography, Alphabet Art, Name Art, Photo Letters and such. Whatever you call it – we call it FUN. We love to travel in search of new and unique letters to add to our collection. Try a few words and see what you can make. It makes a great personal gift for weddings, and house warming or just a fresh new look. See our new letter art collection from ISRAEL. You can now select letters from the Holy Lands. We have letters from The Garden of Gethsemane, the Empty tomb, Western wall, Temple mount, Jericho, Hebron the burial place of Abraham, Sarah, Issac and Jacob. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Via Dolorosa and many more. We walked the streets of the Old city of Jerusalem hunting creative letters to our unique collection.

Our “letter art”is a unique collection of ordinary objects photographed through the eye of the artist and transformed into letters of the alphabet. Mixed with YOUR imagination and a little creativity you can use these letters to make something truly unique and EXTRAORDINARY! Simply select your favorite letters, frame and mat to create your own “One-of-a-Kind” masterpiece and Bless someone today! We carefully assemble your custom designed artwork “ready to hang.”

“ Ordinary Objects…
Extraordinary Art ”
We accept Discover, Visa & Master Cards.


Our letter pricing is simple:

$15 each letter includes – Letter, Frame & Mat
$5 each letter includes – Letter only

each letter includes – Letter & Mat only

We take all of our own photography and continue to add to our collection.