Well Bless my soul!


God has truly blessed us, and we enjoy blessing others! We love taking photos and have FUN seeking out hidden letters in everyday places and objects. We enjoy working together and like to travel on “letter hunts” and sometimes come home with a few trophies to add to our collection.


My wife Bridget has over 25 years’ experience working for a nationally known company that processes school pictures, albums, and photos on painted canvas. Her keen eye for color tone and image quality assures each of our letter art photos are carefully reproduced.


I have worked in Christian television over 35 years as a freelance Lighting Director. I enjoy using my artistic experience with light to shape and define each letter’s unique quality. Together we take extra care to ensure that your artwork is the best it can be.


Our goal in life is to honor God in all that we do and encourage people to seek God and His blessings by knowing His Son Jesus Christ. Nothing has influenced and enriched our lives more than knowing Him personally. We have a deep love for our church “Gleaning Mission” in the small country town of Oakboro, North Carolina. Their mission statement has now become ours: “to see peoples lives changed by the power of God.”


We have traveled many places around the world but Israel has to be our favorite. We have visited the Holy Lands a few times and desire to reach out and help BLESS the people of Israel and all people who choose to live there in peace. One of our favorite charities is “The Joshua Fund.” In the Bible, God said that He will “bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” We choose to bless others and hope that you find something inspiring on our site and use it to bless someone you know.

Bless Your Letter Artists

Terry & Bridget Bishop